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Harvard Innovation Labs

A sneak peek into the creative and marketing world of the HIL

The Harvard Innovation Labs is an ecosystem where Harvard entrepreneurs can collaborate with their peers, build their ideas further, and be exposed to the world of innovation. I joined the ilab at a time when we were transitioning from physical to digital and my work focused mostly on strategies to create more engaging experiences for the ventures and adapt to the new remote situation. I focused on brand experience, graphic design, social campains, ux design, and broader strategies to better engage our users.

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Women Led Wednesdays is a series of interviews with women founders across the Harvard community that puts in the light the highs and lows of entrepreneurship from their perspectives. The campaign's design expression aims to paint a vibrant, inspiring, and diverse picture, highlighting the faces and the words of these women.


The president's innovation challenge is an opportunity for ventures to pitch their most innovative ideas to win a share of $510,000. The build up to the event is meant to inspire and entice curiosity. This requires a strategic solid narrative that will become the driver for all the design. In 2020, the PIC was about being curious, and in 2021, this theme transitioned into more human futures. Head to the website to read more about it.

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Working with an extremely collaborative team, communication was key to producing the most thought through creative for each project making sure we are communicating appropriately with the different audiences we're trying to reach.

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Before we had to be fully remote, I spent some time thinking about how we could make the physical space more engaging, and more empowering to creating new social connections between the members of the community. Below is a little inspiration that drove some ideas we were exploring.

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