Note Taking Competition


February 2020

note taking competition

getting pranked by a classmate because they knew me too well

Word is that I am obsessed with taking pretty notes and creating diagrams and systems maps to explain all and everything that is on my mind. Knowing that, a friend decided to prank me by putting up posters of a note taking competition around the school at strategic locations where I spend most of my time indirectly pushing me to participate and let me tell you that: I did.



The first step of the "competition" involved sending a few scans of my notes. The second task looked at how I go about note taking from two different delivery mechanisms: video & print, to account for different mediums of content delivery & consumption. Finally, the last task required that I choose two people that I am close with and take a few minutes to understand their morning routine by interviewing them, observing them and try to develop a general knowledge base of how they get out the door in the morning. Once I had developed this understanding, I had to draw out a simple systems map showing my findings into one single map to showcase how two different people may or may not approach a similar goal in different ways. Below is the map I created to explain my roommates' morning routines.