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Updates to Grindr

How to effectively connect with others with similar intentions

Grindr aims to create a safe space for people to connect, it encourages discovery of new territories, and it allows a real life encounter because of their “Zero Feet Away” statement. In this challenge I had to imagine I have been asked by Grindr to more effectively enable users to find and connect with others who have similar intentions.

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 5.39.59 PM.png
Tinder Design Challenge.001.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.002.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.003.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.004.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.005.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.006.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.007.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.008.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.009.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.010.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.011.jpeg
Tinder Design Challenge.012.jpeg
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