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With its beautiful landscapes, McGill architecture students went for a week of intense sketching and watercoloring. I took the opportunity to film some of our daily routines with my drone and created a video montage of the whole experience of cohabiting with your colleagues for a sketching week.

The aim of the class was to discover water coloring through the landscapes of Baie Saint-Paul, a city in the province of Quebec on the northern shore of the Saint Lawrence River.

Students were expected to paint around 3 to 5 watercolors a day, and pin them up at the end of the day in this external exhibition space where they would all gather.

I had gotten my drone the same year, and was super excited to be filming this trip from a completely different perspective. Unfortunately, I slacked off on the watercoloring, and spent most of my days understanding the landscape from a perspective I have never experienced before (look at the shore from the sea instead of looking at the sea from the shore, look at the mountains from above, and understand a city through an aerial realtime capture of its urbanism.

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